Energize Summits group photo in San Diego

Proforma, the $600 million technology and business success leader,successfully wrapped up its highly anticipated annual Energize Summits. This year’s gatherings were held in San Diego and Charlotte. These dynamic events marked a significant milestone in fostering collaboration, strategic planning, and innovation within the Proforma Network.

The Energize Summits provided Proforma Distributor Owners with an invaluable opportunity to engage in one-on-one strategic planning sessions with the organizations esteemed Supplier Partners. This platform facilitated a vibrant exchange of ideas, solutions, and opportunities. Supplier Partners had the privilege of presenting new, creative, and innovative solutions that align with Proforma's commitment to excellence and cutting-edge offerings.

"Our Energize Summits provide a unique collaboration opportunity for our Distributor Owners and Supplier Partners," said Michelle Dalton, VP of Strategic Partner Development. "The strategic planning sessions have cultivated meaningful partnerships that will undoubtedly lead to remarkable success in the years to come."

The exclusive nature of the Energize Summits ensured a high level of engagement. The strategically guided conversations focused on specific clients, projects, prospects, and opportunities, opening the lines of communication and generating a synergy that will leave a lasting impact on the Proforma Network.

"This event was not just a gathering; it was a convergence of industry Supplier leaders, all driven by a common goal of elevating client experiences," said Katie Kirby, Owner of Proforma on Target Promotions. "The Energize Summits exemplify Proforma's dedication to fostering innovation and partnership, setting the stage for monumental growth."

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