Proforma's second annual Proform-A-Service day

Proforma, the largest family-owned and operated distributor in the printand promotional products industry, honors the enduring legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. by providing its Support Center Team Members with a floating holiday so they may partake in acts of service within their local communities.

Individuals and teams have organized service opportunities to participate in, including volunteering at local food shelters, beach and highway cleanup efforts, and literacy activities like reading to students at nearby schools. This is Proforma’s second year of commemorating Dr. King’s legacy with a companywide service day and, due to Proforma’s hybrid business model, these philanthropic endeavors will span across the United States throughout the month of January.

“In his time and despite great challenges, Dr. King still aspired to make the world a more just and compassionate place,” said Brian Roney, Senior Director of Product Development. “As such, we can think of no better way to observe MLK Day than fostering community and embodying the principles of love and unity that Dr. King championed."

Proforma has historically embraced the importance of engaging in charitable initiatives as a company. Now, by fostering increased direct and personal volunteer engagement from Team Members, the company aims to instill in individuals within the organization its longstanding and collective sense of social responsibility.

“It has been so exciting to see our Support Team Members adopt this new tradition with such enthusiasm,” said Kathy Mayo, Director of Human Resources. “Positive change is never a one-time thing, but rather a consistent effort, and at Proforma we stand strong in our commitment to cultivating a culture of continuous improvement. We invite all of you – our Distributor Owners, Supplier Partners, and the community at large to join our efforts and do more good, together.”

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